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Hi. I'm Louise

I am trained in Reiki, Sound healing and Transformational Bodywork.  I also have a University degree in Music and Teaching.

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My Story

I have always been highly intuitive, and have always been able to sense the energies around me. For most of my life I have had spiritual experiences and have been fascinated by spirituality and philosophy.  As a teenager I learnt how to travel into my own past lives through past life regression, and I also began to collect crystals, enjoying learning about their various healing properties


Then as an adult I learnt to control my spiritual side as a way of fitting in with mainstream society. After all back in the 90s talking about auras and chakras, and the energy-body was considered a bit 'woo woo'!

After graduating from university in my early twenties I worked as a music teacher for many years in both primary and secondary.  Over time I shfted  from mainstream teaching, into leading music workshops using drums, voice as well as teaching piano.


As time progressed though I began to have more and more nudges from the universe to move into a more spiritual way of life.  I could no longer suppress my abilities.  I began feeling people's energies more intently, so much so, that I became exhausted just from popping to the supermarket!  


Although I've always believed in following my instinct, I largley ignored the multiple nudges t kept recieving - I had two small children, and I had a job that i was quite happy with.  Eventually the Universe decided that it needed to give me a bigger message.  And that is when I broke my foot! I had to stop work for a few weeks.  I could not do a lot at home.  And so I meditated a lot and realised that I needed to listen to those inner voices and to explore my full soul potential.

So I decided to complete my formal training as Reiki Practitioner.   The back pain that I had suffered with for the past 8 years went completely! I felt calmer.  I knew how to protect myself from other peoples energies.  And I learnt that I needed to listen to my instincts.  I thoroughly enjoy being able to help other achieve a sense of wellness. It still amazes me how powerful Reiki is and how it has the ability to change people's lives.

Since then I have also trained in Transformational Bodywork, which encompasses a wide range of energy healing techniques including Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Past life Healing, Attunements psychic surgery.

I then decided to combine my  healing and my music skills, and trained in Sound Healing, allowing me to combine sound and frequency with my reiki to enhance the body's healing process.


For more information please email me

Or call for a chat to see how I can help you


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