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Reiki Treatment

A relaxing full body healing to realign your body, mind and spirit.  

Sound Healing

Release tension and let sound soothe away stress and worry.  Including the use of tuning forks, tibetan singing bowls, drums, voice and/or gong.  I work intuitively and will select the instruments and methods to help each individual as needed.

Reiki with integrated Sound Healing

A traditional reiki healing combined with sound elements. Some or all of the instruments may be included.

Transformational Bodywork

We work together to release blocks and traumas from both this life and/or past lives, working within the energetic system within the body, and the aura.

We will use visualisation and other techniques to help you connect to your higher self,  clear unwanted thoughts and habits, and negative programming.

Move into alignment with who you were truly meant to be.

Become more spiritually aware and unlock your true potential!


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